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Grenada Real Estate Info. Inc.., Oliver Paul, B.Arch. Director is a Licensed Local Agent under the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Act. Our head office is located in Lance Aux Epines, St. George; Grenada, our other offices are in Washington, D.C., and in Toronto, Canada.  Being here in Grenada gives us the advantage of having immediate and direct access to the Citizenship by Investment offices and quick access to the information that is needed    

What we do: We take the information give us by the Marketing Agents and by you, process and package them, making sure all information is correct, submit that package to the Citizenship by Investment office, all with good speed and efficiency.

How we do it: We make sure the Marketing Agents submitting the application to us is truly licensed under the Act. We verify that they are still currently licensed, and are of good repute. We take the time to study your needs so that we may give you the best possible service. Serving you better is our main concern. We use the latest and best marketing tools to get best results.

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We Offer Services in… 
Citizenship, Permanent Residence, Passports, Financial and Immigration Matters, to Marketing Agents.

Protect your family and loved ones, get a second Citizenship from Grenada!


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Grenada Real Estate Info. Inc.

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Oliver Paul, B.Arch, Director
Per: Grenada Real Estate Info. Inc. Authorized local Agent.                          
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